SKIP JAMES (1902-1969). Born Nehemiah Curtis James in Bentonia, Mississippi, he first recorded for Paramount in 1931. 

He possessed a completely individual style, using falsetto vocals and played spooky-good guitar mostly in D minor tuning. He was rediscovered in 1964. His and Son House's appearances, almost simultaneously, launched the folk blues revival. 

Skip James' music was, most famously, covered by Cream when they did "I'm So Glad." Even though he was not in good health, in his last five years he recorded some amazing records for Vanguard, Adephi, Biograph and other labels. So many essential songs, including "Cherry Ball," "Hard Time Killin' Floor," "22-20," "If You Haven't Any Hay," and more. 

I love his music!

New Nationals, Fairbanks, Scheerhorns:

This picture captures him in a rare mood, thanks to Kami Kazu.


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