I will be turning 22 years in Papua New Guinea this year. I have visited, lived, and served in the 4 regions of this country which is some provinces out of 22 provinces.
During my emersion and encountering the people of this country, I could tell that there are traits and characteristics of Papua New Guineans similar to Filipinos. Let me highlight some...

* FRIENDLINESS. This is Reuben Kambao in the photo. He smiled at me from a distance and I smiled back and introduced himself. As a Filipino, I am definitely friendly and so we chatted for awhile and he told me he had watched my videos on social media. We decided to take a photo and I promised him I will upload our photo. To make friends is to connect, understand, and respect each other.

*HUMBLENESS. This trait for sure makes us connect because of the understanding of how we work towards achieving dreams. How I witnessed their struggles and achieve success is similar to how we Filipinos struggles to have a better life. The humility of Papua New Guineans to quietly perform.

*GENEROSITY. I have encountered being given something or even food by Papua New Guineans. So many times I have experienced the generosity of Papua New Guineans. One time, my neighbour gave a coffee from Goroka and the other time when the tire of my car got flat and they rescued me and the list goes on. Their ability to share and serve from their hearts is similar to how we Filipinos share or serve something without expecting in return.

*FAMILY ORIENTED. The strong bond within and amongst members in the family. Sticking, supporting and taking care of each other. This trait made us share the same belief that FAMILY is the foundation of our identity and the motivation to work harder and smarter to achieve success in life and be able to serve and pay back the family most especially our parents.

*RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. This I believe is the most common trait we have. Papua New Guinea and The Philippines are Christian countries. We easily connect and understand each other because of our religious beliefs. When I first arrived in PNG in 2002 and do not know Tok Pisin well, I attended a Sunday church in which the choir sang in Tok Pisin language and I could feel the spirit while hearing them sing.

Do you agree with all the common traits we have Filipinos and Papua New Guineans?

Laikim yupela olgeta blad blomi ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฌ.
Mahal ko po kayo aking Kaibigan ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ญ.



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