Detainees at Boroko cells who are supposed to appear today in court are waiting and there is no police vehicle to transport them to their respective courts.

Most of these Detainees have been in jail for over a year while attending their court proceedings.

Unavailability of Police arresting officers unavailability of police prosecutors, unavailability of magistrates and judges, and lawyers and public prosecutors has delayed the court proceedings of every individual detainee keeping them suffering from everything in life while life outside of freedom keeps growing old for them.

This morning there were no Police vehicles to transport the detainees to court because Puma Energy can no longer supply fuel.

The government has yet again failed the citizens of PNG.

Mind you all, Not all the detainees are criminals. Some people are detained to justify themselves for unfortunate incidents that occur whilst trying to do what is right. For Others, it happened that they could no longer support and sustain their families due to a lack of good governance hence they stepped out of line.

So again, they won't be attending the court proceedings so they will have to be kept detained for another day, week, month, or whenever the government settles whatever issue that is affecting the whole chain.
Maybe the courts can come to where the detainees are kept or any courts that are closer to the detention area and run the hearings.

Improvise while the government is sorting out other issues or fixing their debts.


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